The author, Michael Kimmel, is a professor of the State University of New York.  He has written or edited many books on men and masculinity. In this piece called“Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code”, he talks about what guy code is. Guy code means masculinity. Michael Kimmel discusses the ways that today’s society expects guys (males between the ages of 16 and 26) to behave, for instance, not being a sissy, not being perceived as weak. Also he lists four basic rules of masculinity which are summarized by psychologist-Robert Brannon. The first rule is “No Sissy Stuff,” which means that guys shouldn’t show their weakness. The second is “Be a Big Wheel,” by this he means masculinity is measured by wealth and power. The third rule, “Be a Sturdy Oak,”says that guys should be reliable in a crisis. And the last one, “Give ‘em Hell,” implies that man should take risks and show his aggression. Then, Kimmel states that young men get these ideas from their male relatives or teachers. Besides, Kimmel talks about gender police. He says that our peers are a kind of gender police, who are ready to catch every movement containing a coded gender language. But sometimes, the so called guy code will lead to homophobia. At last, Kimmel states that boys are more prone to depression, suicidal behavior, than girls.

I believe with the ideas that Kimmel talks about. We always expect a man can get strong, rich and be aggressive. It is like a social expectation or a common sense.Although Guy Code may have been a guideline to make men stronger, it really can turn out to be a harmful idea in the end.  For example, boys may not be confident about whether they wear right or wrong. They may have homophobia. At last boys are more prone to depression and more fragile than girls. Thus, I think we should not over-judge a man by using so called guy code.

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